Training & Competency

Competency Assessments

Providing assurance to your offshore helideck operations:

  • Competency assessments of offshore helideck crew
  • Conducted in line with OPITO guidelines
  • Onsite assessment to provide optimal assurance

HLOs and HDAs must undergo a competency assessment every 2 years as per the OPITO standard. We can conduct competency assessments either as a standalone exercise or as an additional task to our work scope while on site inspecting and certifying helidecks. Our competence assessments are conducted in line with the OPITO guidelines, as laid out in the OPITO HLO & HDA training and competence standards. Individual assessments are completed using a variety of methods including practical observation, oral questions, written questions, witness testimonies and simulation. We don’t believe in mere tick box exercises so we assess the helideck crew while they are doing their job, and witness them in action dealing with landings and departures and pre and post flight procedures.

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