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CAP437 Helideck Awareness Training

UK Civil Aviation Authority CAP437 - Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas - Edition 9.

HCA’s CAP437 Helideck Awareness training course covers the requirements pertinent to operating a safe helicopter landing area compliant with UK CAA regulations. Suitable for all personnel involved in helicopter operations with an offshore helideck including:
Helideck Landing Officers; Helideck Assistants; Offshore Installation Managers; Onshore Logistics Personnel; Aviation Advisors

The classroom-based course is held over 2-days and covers the following:
Module 1 – Introduction.
Module 2 – Rules, Legislation & Standards.
Module 3 – Helicopter Performance Considerations.
Module 4 – Landing Areas.
Module 5 – Visual Aids.
Module 6 – Helideck Rescue & Fire Fighting Facilities (RFFF)
Module 7 – Miscellaneous Operational Standards.
Module 8 – Helicopter Fueling Facilities.
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