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HCA professionals ensure your helideck meets or exceeds current legislation, international standards and recommended practices.

Helideck Certification Agency is an established and highly reputable provider of helideck inspections, with many years of experience in the sector.

We certify that your helideck meets the required standards and legislation while making sure you’re following the recommended practices. Helideck regulations are in place to keep crew, passengers and other members of staff safe, and legally they must be followed.

When carrying out a helideck inspection, we cover a range of different aspects including landing area size, surface, lighting and markings. We also perform thorough checks on all helideck equipment, including rescue and fire-fighting resources, and check turbulence created by the superstructure and/or exhausts.

In addition to our helideck certification services, we provide extensive crew training programs designed to enhance operational safety. This includes specialised training such as a comprehensive dangerous goods by air awareness course. Moreover, we engage in detailed discussions about the helideck regulations imperative for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your team’s operations.

At our core, we are dedicated to elevating safety standards for helideck operatives. Our inspections not only serve the purpose of certification but also allow us the opportunity to observe operations firsthand, enabling us to offer valuable advice aimed at continuous improvement in safety protocols.

We issue a Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Report (HLAIR) and a globally acknowledged Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC) – the latter is recognised by the majority of regulatory authorities and helicopter companies around the world. For more information about our helideck inspections contact us and speak to an industry expert today.

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