Friction Testing

HCA set the standard for helideck friction testing

At HCA, our friction testing is carried out by a highly experienced team that works in accordance with the criteria outlined in CAP437 and CAAP71. 

In order to comply with CAP437 requirements, we currently use the Findlay Irvine Micro Grip Tester to perform our friction testing. HCA was involved in the development of the Micro Grip Tester software and its portable design. Its lightweight, robust construction and reliable performance make it the most mobile push friction tester available.

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive helideck friction service and lead the way in employing best practices and technology. 

Our helideck friction testing follows industry guidelines and the friction measuring device we use can control the wetness of the deck during testing. It also allows the whole deck surface to be covered to a resolution of no less than 1m² and includes electronic data collection, storage and processing.

Once complete, the survey data is captured electronically where it can be transferred quickly to a USB storage device for transmission and analysis.

If you would like more information on our friction testing service, give us a call today and speak to a member of our experienced team.

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