HCA is the first port of call for clients whose helidecks:

  • Do not meet the criteria of CAP437
  • Are the subject of proposed changes.

At Helideck Certification Agency, we keep up to date with the latest helideck regulations and requirements in order to offer clients the most comprehensive helideck consultancy service possible. Our aim is to provide the best advice and ensure the authorisation process is completed quickly and efficiently.

Using our extensive industry knowledge we ensure that any new or proposed changes to existing helidecks not only meet the criteria of CAP437, but also consider the practical operating conditions of the host installation or vessel. We take into account surrounding structures that may affect the local atmospheric environment over the helideck or on the approach and take-off paths. Achieving an optimal helideck design from the very beginning plays a pivotal role in establishing the foundations for a safe and efficient helicopter operation. As a recognised helideck certification accreditor, we also provide CAP437 Awareness training for personnel such as Helideck Landing Officers; Helideck Assistants; Offshore Installation Managers; Onshore Logistics Personnel and Aviation Advisors.

Our highly qualified team at HCA are available to assist in helideck design, advising on key regulations and standards. Whether it’s a new build or there are major modifications being carried out to existing installations that may have an impact on helicopter operations, we will be happy to assist.

For more information on our helideck consultancy service, contact us today and speak to an industry expert.

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