HCA is delighted to announce that after discussions with UK Offshore Helicopter Operators, all 5 operators have signed / resigned the Memorandum of Understanding with HCA. This MoU enables each operator to discharge its responsibilities under the Air Navigation Order to ensure the offshore helicopter landing area is suitable for purpose and are properly described in the helicopter operators Operation manual.

The attached letter will replace and update the current CAP437 – Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas Appendix F in the next amendment.

HCA is proud to be the only qualified entity recognised by UK Offshore Helicopter Operators, and the UK CAA, to inspect and certify offshore helicopter landings areas. The renewal of the MoU supports the ongoing efforts of HCA in developing consistent standards and safety improvements in this critical offshore area. HCA operatates globally in all areas where CAP437 has been accepted as the operational and design standard.

CAA Letter March 2023
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