At Helideck Certification Agency we have been providing extensive inspection services along with certifying training courses in the helideck industry for many years. Having a helideck industry training course approved by HCA has become a sign of quality and we have recently decided it was time to develop and launch our own. 

We recently released our Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness course with the aim of educating staff of all levels to an excellent standard from admin staff to the crews. Our comprehensive e-training course is designed to increase the understanding of everyone who is involved in the handling of dangerous goods including those not physically linked to the tasks. The course is in keeping with the standards that satisfy the pre-requisite requirement for OPITO Helideck Operations Initial Training (HOIT).

We have observed over the years that only certain members of the helideck operations team receive training regarding the movement of dangerous goods. While it may not be necessary for everyone in the industry to receive the same level of training, at HCA we feel that all involved in helicopter operations should have a good understanding of the subject. Whatever role a person plays, it’s imperative they know about hazardous items and how they should be treated. Helideck operators can handle hazardous substances including chemicals and electronics on a daily basis, so by fostering a solid foundation of knowledge in everyone throughout the chain, we hope to ultimately reduce the risk to all involved in the transport of these goods.

The main aim of HCA has always been to improve safety by inspecting and certifying helicopter landing platforms and we pay very close attention to the competency of staff. Through the years we have been involved in implementing many different safety initiatives and our team is comprised of individuals with a wealth of experience in offshore helideck operations. This gives us the perfect platform to provide a highly effective learning course. Through our Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness course we hope to improve the competency of staff, regardless of their role, using our vast knowledge of the industry.

With our experience in conducting competency assessments, we are able to observe how helideck crews respond to training while they are on the job. It is important for us to see those skills put into practice in a normal working environment. The extensive time spent performing these assessments has given us an extremely clear understanding of what to look out for. This has enabled us to put together a comprehensive course that effectively conveys the key information regarding dangerous goods and their handling.

If you would like any more information about our Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness course, feel free to get in touch with us today. 

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