Friction Testing

CAP 437 Chapter 3 Section 7 states:-

A review of helideck friction measurement techniques has concluded that the test method should involve a friction measuring device that:

  • employs the braked wheel technique;
  • is able to control the wetness of the deck during testing;
  • includes electronic data collection, storage & procesing;
  • allows the whole deck surface to be covered to a resolution of not less than 1m².

The minimum average surface friction value of 0.65mu should be achieved across the area inside the TD/PM, outside the TD/PM and on the painted markings themselves.
HCA carry out friction testing using the Micro Grip Tester which is the only type that currently meets CAP 437 requirements.  This was adapted for use by the manufacturer Findlay Irvine in conjunction with HCA. HCA Experience played an integral part in the development of the latest software version and portability of the equipment.   The testing is carried out by fully trained staff and an electronic print out is included in the written report provided on conclusion.
For the latest information contact:-
HCA Office;           Tel: +44 (0) 1224 704 048
Findlay Irvine;      Tel: +44 (0) 1968 671 200