About Us

The Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) is the world's leading authority on all matters relating to the safe and compliant operation of helicopter landing areas - onshore, offshore and afloat. Our staff have extensive commercial helicopter operational experience in multiple different disciplines. Key areas of inspections carried out by HCA include:

  • Landing area size, surface, lighting and markings.
  • Helideck equipment, including rescue and fire-fighting arrangements.
  • Turbulence created by superstructure and/or exhausts.
  • Crew training.
  • Carriage of dangerous goods by air (where appropriate).

World Wide Reputation


HCA have clients all over the world and our reputation is second to none.  Our market segments are oil and gas operators and luxury yachts, however if a helicopter will be landing on a helideck we will be more than happy to inspect it to ensure it conforms to international safety standards.

Helicopter Safety


HCA license and provide guidance on helipad layout and dimensions for various helicopters to ensure it meets or exceeds current legislation, international standards and recommended practices. We work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).



If an offshore helideck does not meet the criteria in CAP 437, or if a change to the helideck environment is proposed, it is recommended that the case should be referred to us in the first instance to enable us to provide guidance and information on behalf of the helicopter operators so that the process for authorising the use of the helideck can be completed in a timely fashion.