To all Offshore Duty Holders:
24 March 2023
Notice of Possible Extreme Limitation
CAP437 – Standards for helicopter landing areas Edition 9 Appendix K requires compliance with certain conditions in relation to the transport of inbound passengers aboard UK registered helicopters. The Accountable Managers of the 4 helicopter operators providing services to the UK offshore Oil & Gas industry have determined the contents of Appendix K as flight safety critical and as such the requirements stated within should be adhered to.

The Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) is responsible, on behalf of the helicopter operators, for ensuring, through bi-annual inspections, that the offshore helicopter landing areas are suitable and comply with CAP 437. During recent inspections it has become apparent that several locations and Duty Holders have not taken the provisions of CAP437 Appendix K into account when reviewing their inbound passenger procedures and shortfalls in equipment and procedures are being found. Given Appendix K first featured in CAP437 Edition 8 amended 2 issued August 2021there is little mitigation that can be offered on why the requirements have not been implemented.

The HCA has been instructed as follows by the helicopter operators:
“We are aligned that in the event of an Appendix K non-conformance, the Duty Holder will have 30 days to rectify the issue. Any inability to meet this timeline, unless due to issues outside of the Duty Holders control (bad weather, supply chain issues for equipment etc), which will be managed on a case by case basis via the HCA supported by the helicopter operators, will result in a temporary suspension of operations to that installation. This will remain in force until such time as the issue has been rectified.”
This condition is effective forthwith. Any Duty Holders who have already had an inspection and have an outstanding action for an Appendix K issue will also be required to act with some urgency or contact the HCA.

For and behalf of HCA
Graham Wildgoose
Technical Director

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