Helideck Certification Agency

We are more than just a proven service provider. We are a helideck industry influencer & an authoritative contributor to the global helideck safety agenda

Who we are

Supporting safety. Sustaining standards. Influencing change in helicopter operations..

With HCA professionals, your helideck services are in safe hands.

At Helideck Certification Agency, we pride ourselves on offering industry initiatives designed to support safe helicopter operations in the hostile conditions of the UK North Sea.

With over 33 years of experience, we have forged a legacy that puts HCA at the forefront of this highly specialist sector. Our focus on what we consider the core responsibilities has never changed.

Covering all industries from Oil and Gas, Renewables, and Onshore to Superyachts, we constantly work to the highest standard to guarantee that helicopter landing sites comply or surpass relevant legislation, standards, and industry practices

We apply our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to provide assurance that every landing and every take-off happens in a safe and secure environment. At HCA our whole ethos revolves around being dedicated to the safety of helideck operators and all staff members involved in helicopter operations.

We have clients around the world who turn to us for the helideck support they need — when they need it

Our role encompasses the examination and certification of offshore helidecks located on vessels and installations that operate within the waters of the United Kingdom. Our focal point is to verify the safety of helideck landing sites and assess the competence of their operators. Our services extend globally, catering to major oil companies, platform constructors, helicopter operators, shipping registries, superyacht vessels and national civilian aviation authorities around the world.

We administer the highest quality helideck inspections and competency assessments available and have helped raise the industry standard.

we are a respected industry partner in helideck safety and certification

We closely monitor the helideck industry, staying informed of the slightest alterations in helideck regulations, as well as advancements in technology and industry developments. Our commitment to this vigilance goes beyond maintaining our position as the leading helideck services provider; this also involves contributing to the ongoing evolution of industry guidelines.

However, HCA is much more than simply a helideck service provider of choice. We’re also a respected industry partner, working with international civil aviation bodies, shipping registries, helicopter owners and helideck operators to shape best practices and continue to advance the safety agenda.

What we do

By applying our decades of international experience and technical prowess, we’re trusted to provide helideck services that align with the priorities of the modern-day helicopter industry.

At HCA, we use our industry knowledge and insights to benefit multiple sectors throughout the UK and globally. We provide the best helideck safety services to industries ranging from offshore oil and gas, renewables and superyachts to on-shore landing sites servicing hospitals, hotels and major sporting arenas.

Not only do we provide helideck inspections and competency assessments, but we also provide our own ‘Dangerous Goods By Air Awareness’ eLearning course, designed to train helideck crew and all other staff members involved in helicopter operations.

We are proud of our varied portfolio that is defined by authority, rigour and reliability. With a reputation that spans the helideck industry globally, we will continue to provide the highest quality service to helideck operators, improving the overall safety around helideck operations.

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Against all prevailing criteria – existing legislation and industry standards as well as recommended practices.

HCA certification is recognised by most regulatory authorities and helicopter companies around the globe.

We provide expert consultancy services to ensure criteria failings or proposed changes are swiftly addressed to achieve conformance.

Inspiring confidence in the capabilities of personnel who support safe helideck operations.

Undertaking helideck friction testing with advanced technologies that HCA helped to develop.