Helideck Awareness Training

by Graham Wildgoose, HCA Technical Director

HCA was founded on the basis of providing a consistent approach to the inspection and certification of offshore helidecks. As such, we are uniquely positioned as the ‘go-to’ industry expert for interpreting and applying regulatory compliance. HCA is the only company recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, and the UK offshore helicopter operators, to certify helidecks in the UK Continental Shelf in accordance with the standard set in the CAA published regulations (in this case Civil Aviation Procedure 437).

We are continually contacted by various industry stakeholders asking for clarification and confirmation of the interpretation of CAP437. This led us to recognise a gap in the training given to offshore helideck crews, or indeed anyone with any responsibilities for helideck activities. It seemed remiss of industry that training on guidance, of CAP437’s 350 or so pages was not offered to those who deliver a vital service to the helicopter operators in providing a safe and fit for purpose helideck. HCA therefore decided to offer its very own CAP437 Helideck Awareness Training

The first HCA Helideck Awareness Course was delivered at the end of March 2023 and since then we have held a further twelve courses for candidates from various roles including Vessel Superintendents, OIMs, Aviation Advisors, HLOs, HDAs, Heli-Admin, Safety & Compliance Coordinators, Aviation Logistics Coordinators, Logistics Managers, Helideck Maintenance staff and even a Test Pilot. The feedback has been excellent with the majority of candidates saying they have learned something new regardless of how long they have been involved with helideck operations and “lightbulb moments” are a frequent occurrence.

Over the two-day classroom-based course, we cover all pertinent aspects of CAP437 and allow time for the candidates to raise questions that are relative to their particular job functions. Our experienced Trainer along with our Inspectors are on hand to provide practical advice and guidance.

If your job has responsibilities covering either the asset helideck or general helicopter operations, we recommend you consider attending our CAP437 Helideck Awareness Training so that you are better informed on the requirements covering this vital area. Understanding the procedures and policies governing the maintenance, markings, design, and associated systems relating to the helideck will give you a greater insight into why the regulations are in place and the importance of complying with them.

HCA run one course a month in 2024 so please contact [email protected] for the course schedule and a more detailed course content.

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